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Quicksilver is a symbol of quality in San Pedro Belize.


Keep in touch
Special offer for rental cell phones in San Pedro. Only $15 BZ a day includes charger and $10 FREE minutes of talk time with 3 day plus rental. » More

Don't get disconnected
If you leave the island for a vacation we can pay your BTL, BWS, BEL, Coral Cable TV and Smart Bills. With Quicksilver, you never lose the connection. » More

Save time with your mail
Don't queue at the post office. Pickup and deliver the mail to your personal box in your neighboorhod. » More


Quick Silver Go Phone

Quicksilver Cell Phone Rental               

Keep in touch with family, friends, real estate agents and wedding planners while here in Belize. With Go Phones you can leave your cell phone at home. Renting a Go Phone from Quicksilver provides an easy, no fuss communication solution for both visitors and tourists in Belize.

Low Cost To USA and Canada                   Book your GO-Phone now!

Maximum calling fees to the USA/Canada are $0.70Bz a minute reducing to $0.39Bz a minute depending on when you call.

Cell Phone Rentals

  • Rental costs for a Go Phone are $15Bz a day. All Go Phones come with a charger, carrying case, and instructions for use. Minimum 3 day rentals only.

  • We rent simple flip-phones. They send and receive texts and calls, locally and internationally. Our phones are not cameras, emailers or "app" compatible.

  • Our business operates from San Pedro Town on the island of Ambergris Caye. With pre-payment and a shipping fee, we send phone packages over the mainland, for pick-up (and drop off) at the Phillip Goldson International Airport. The 2-way shipping fee is $30Bz, one way is $20BZ if you are ending or beginning your holiday in San Pedro.

  • Our phones are PRE-Paid. This means there needs to be phone credit on the phone in order to make a call. We provide $10Bz FREE phone credit with each rental.. $10Bz gives you approx. 12-15 minutes of international calling, depending on when you call. All incoming calls to our phones are FREE - including international calls.

  • Option - not required - we can provide you with a phone number 5-7 days prior to your arrival (good for babysitters, pet/house sitters, hospitals). We charge a $30Bz fee for this option.

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