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Quicksilver is a symbol of quality in San Pedro Belize.


Keep in touch
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Don't get disconnected
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Quick Silver Go Phone

About us

People often ask me how I became a bicycle courier in Belize. Here is my story from year one to present. Also you can read the article published in International Living magazine January 2010, titled: Bicycle Courier: Fit, Efficient Business in Belize by Ann Kuffner or read San Pedro Sun Vistors Guide titled: Keep in touch with Quicksilver's GO Phone Service

Dianne's Quicksilver Story

Dianne on her
                                          borrowed bicycle

I came to Belize after completing my last degree, with hopes of teaching at one of the universities on the mainland. When that didn’t work out and I was down to the last of my money, I visited San Pedro and met many of the folks I now call island family.

Once my employment permit came through, I did some volunteer work with Holy Cross Anglican School and then… was given Quicksilver Messenger Service, a previously successful bicycle courier business.

Quicksilver signs
                                          as landmark in San Pedro

The borrowed bike

Quicksilver Messenger Service started for me with a borrowed bike and one client. Realizing it was my chance to ‘make it’ or return to the cold in Canada, I built the business in stages and it grows stronger every year.
  • Year One focused on building the client lists for the courier service.
  • Year Two expanded the business to include the first private mail service
    in San Pedro.
  • Year Three came the economic slump, when several clients returned
    to home countries, so the inclusion of cell phone rentals has kept
    the business growing.
  • Year Four of business, Quicksilver Messenger Service is working to provide a variety of business services and solutions on island, in Belize City and Belmopan. We have set the standard for reliability and confidentiality and as this continues, the next goal is to become the #1 means of HOW business gets done here. Partnerships are being established and affiliates are joining the surge to meet this next goal. after riding bicycle 20 to 40 miles a days for over three years, I now ride a small 110cc motorbike. It certainly helps me to be EVERYWHERE! On this island of folks with nicknames (TacoGirl, Drummer Dan & Hurricane Keith to name a few) I am known as Dianne Quicksilver or simply Quicksilver.
  • Year Five To Present: I continue to enjoy many hellos and waves during the course of each business day and look forward to many more. Give me a wave too when you’re here. I’ll do my best to wave back as I zip around this island paradise.

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